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About me

My name is Dawn Grey and I am the very proud mother of two amazing children. I have been surrounded with children all my life beginning my career as a babysitter at the tender age of ten helping everyone I knew with their offspring. After college, I was a full time nanny for many years and gained experience in all ages from newborns to pre-teens. Following this, I went into teaching and assessing students who were working towards their qualifications in Early Years and Education.

Although my many years of experience and knowledge helped when I had my own children, nothing quite prepared me for the sleep issues I encountered with them both!
I spent months devouring every book and website that had ever been written on babies sleep. The more I learned, the more I wanted to share the information with other parents. That’s when I trained and became a maternity nurse receiving accredited certification in lactation, sleep consulting and a whole host of other qualifications to complement and support my professional development. After many more years of gently coaching parents and further extensive training, I set up Dawn Grey Newborn Consulting.

Sleep is so important for your baby’s health and your mental wellbeing, yet no one teaches you about it. My gentle solutions, guidance and reassurance help parents get the sleep both they and their little ones need. It can be hard to take that first step and I am passionate about helping families experience the freedom that comes with tackling any sleep issue with a personalised plan to execute it with confidence.

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Dawn’s top tips

“Establishing regular daytime naps helps to regulate a consistent night time routine.”

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