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Our services, fees & how we work

After you have contacted us by phone/email, we will schedule a 15 minute initial chat and subsequently send you the sleep history notes to be completed, answering our questions about the current issues and how you are responding. This helps us to determine the nature of the problem and enables us to create an individual package to suit you and your child’s requirements.

Please note: Phone and Skype Consultations are non refundable and should be paid in full before the consultation can be confirmed. For Home and Overnight Consultations, a non refundable booking deposit of 25% is required – this will be deducted from your final invoice. Home consultations may be subject to an additional travel charge. We offer a discount for consultations with more than one child. Please ask for further details. Due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, we are happy to reschedule the appointment, subject to availability, within a 4 week period.

Sleep training, consultations and troubleshooting

Phone/Skype/FaceTime consultation – £180.

This package is suitable for babies over 5 months old.

An initial 45 minute chat to discuss your child’s sleep problems and most importantly, an effective way of resolving it.
Following our chat, we will send you a manageable and tailor made sleep plan. A follow up 20 minute chat to find out how you are getting on and additional advice to resolve any continued issues.

1 week’s email support – additional packages are available thereafter.

Home consultation – £250

We will visit you in the comfort of your home for up to 2 hours to help you identify all the sleep issues you’re experiencing and to resolve these problems by developing healthy sleep associations. Together we will formulate a sleep plan for you to follow to get you back on the road to sleep success.

A manageable and tailor made sleep plan for you to follow.

1 week’s email support – additional packages are available thereafter.

Overnight Packages (1 night) – £325

We will be there at your child’s bedtime until the next morning, helping you through the night to correct poor sleep habits and teach you how to implement better techniques that help promote healthy sleep. Our aim is to support you through these testing times and give you the confidence to maintain our sleep program. Any additional hours will be charged at £25 per hour. There is a discount of £50 per any extra nights booked.

A manageable and tailor made sleep plan for you to follow.

1 week’s email support – additional packages are available thereafter.

24 hours home visit and ongoing email support – £525

The one night package as well as being on hand for day time naps and helping to structure out feeding and sleeping routines. We come and spend the first night with you to put the plan into place and and stay for the next day to carry it through . Great for parents who are feeling anxious and need that extra bit of guidance.

This package includes 1 week’s email support.

Depending on area travelling costs may be included.

New parents

Newborn package (home visits) – £300

We realise that there isn’t enough postnatal support so let us be there to guide you through those first important weeks. This package consists of three, one hour visits over the first four months. Each visit will include an advice plan and a follow up call to see how you’re getting on. Depending on location, this package may be subject to a travelling charge.

0-6 weeks – We will gently guide you through the first steps of feeding (breast or bottle), winding your baby, bathing, settling and all aspects of newborn care. We also want to know how you are and will advise on breastfeeding, formula feeding, expressing, sterilising, different bottles and teats, equipment and a whole host of other things you might wish to discuss.

6-12 weeks – Around this time your baby will probably have their first big growth spurt. You’ll notice they want to be fed more often and they might be restless during sleep and/or want to sleep less. We will guide you through these exhausting weeks to help you understand the changes that are happening and how to re-establish some healthy routines for all the family.

12-16 weeks – This is the typical ‘4 month sleep regression’ period where there are huge developmental leaps with your baby. This visit will go through any issues you’re having and ways of tackling the changes ensuring your baby is back on track as quickly as possible.

One off packages

1 hour Phone/Skype/Email consultation – £75

1 hour home consultation – £130

Included in these consultations – review of your newborn’s sleep diary, a written manageable and tailor-made plan to follow at home and a follow-up email if you have any further questions when you begin implementing it.

Although you can’t expect a newborn to sleep through the night, you can encourage good feeding and sleeping habits so that they will sleep better and longer when they are ready. We can gently teach, guide and support you with the following:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Expressing and storage
  • Formula feeding
  • Bottle and equipment
  • Sterilising
  • Crying and colic
  • Digestive issues and allergies
  • Reflux and GORD
  • Tongue tie
  • Sleeping and routine
  • Premature babies
  • Multiples
  • Bathing and skincare
  • Baby massage
  • Weaning
  • Teething
  • Developmental milestones
  • Bris aftercare and packages

Please note – all New Parent packages need to be paid for prior to commencement of consultation

Dawn’s top tips

“Establishing regular daytime naps helps to regulate a consistent night time routine.”

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Parent’s words

“Dawn is an absolute treasure and thoroughly pleasant to have around. She was a fantastic support to us with our newborn son and we really looked forward to the nights she was coming. Dawn cared for our son perfectly and enabled us to get some much needed sleep. She got him in to a good night time routine and her gentle, calm approach worked really well for him and the rest of our family. Dawn’s years of experience meant she was approachable and when called upon, gave helpful advice and answered questions with ease.

We would not hesitate to recommend her.”

“If you want someone calming and caring to care for your baby, then I highly recommend Dawn. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.”

“As soon as Dawn walked into our house and took my little baby into her arms I felt at ease and relaxed after many sleepless & stressful nights. Dawn just has that calming aura about her which she brings into the house with her. You can immediately tell that she has a wealth of experience looking after babies.”

“Every suggestion from Dawn that I put into practice helped improve the problems. I couldn’t recommend Dawn more highly.”

“Dawn has always been so generous with her time offering guidance and support on the telephone. She is highly professional, competent and capable but what stands out the most for me is her loving approach and warm persona – which is exactly what I would want from someone handling my baby. She is a joy to have in the house and easily integrated into the family, my 4 year old absolutely adores her.”

“By  by four and half months I had a baby who was not feeding properly throughout the day consequently waking me up every 2 hours throughout the night. Despite other commitments Dawn found the time to come and help me. She immediately set upon three days and nights of sleep training, at my request, and to discard the dummy. I had complete confidence to put my earplugs in and close the door so I could finally sleep. Dawn’s method was a calm and gentle approach, including short controlled crying, which my daughter responded extremely well to and I was completely comfortable with. After the first night she was feeding the full amount throughout the day and settling herself without the dummy. By the third night she was sleeping through – and continues to do so. Dawn stayed a further two nights for reassurance.”

“Dawn spotted immediately why my daughter was unsettled and set me on a path which instantly benefitted her resulting in less crying, less reflux, better feeding and a calmer baby.”

To discuss your requirements or to book a consultation please contact me.

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